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Kopal, is derived from Sanskrit means, newborn leaf. My parents gave me the name, both in respect of the ancient Sanskrit language, but also because it symbolizes the powerful force that nature plays in India. Having been born and raised in India, I enjoyed both the amazing hustle of life of the streets, as well as the rich cultural history and traditions that are embodied in everyday life there. Since I was young, I was always fascinated by color, texture and nature of India, so it was no surprise that after finishing high school I ventured to New York to study at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). At FIT, I honed my skills in design, styling, photography, and fabric before moving in to fashion and design world of New York.

Starting my professional career at Bottega Veneta, continued on working for labels like Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole and Converse. But always drawn to the rural life, simpler life, artisanal life. I spend vacations working with local artisans, and traveling to Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Morocco, I began to develop stronger feelings and ideals about myself.

Ever since decided to branch out on my own, and launch my inaugural line of lifestyle clothing, Kopal, focused on ageless, authentic, and sustainable lifestyle clothing modeled after how I live my life.