NAMRA Dress - Yellow

$195.00 $325.00

*This is a YELLOW color way - contact us for pictures if needed*
Made from hand loom Jamdani Saree. 100% Cotton. 
All pieces in my Dhaaga Collection are completely unique, one of a kind, made from hand loom Jamdani saris. Jamdani is the finest sheer cotton fabric known as muslin, with vivid patterns and rich motifs, made by artisans using hand looms using the discontinuous weft technique. The rare and precious art of weaving Jamdani relates to the time consuming and labor intensive process made by the hand loom a woven fabric made of the finest locally grown cotton -  which was previously only affordable by aristocrats and royal families, nowadays it is made almost exclusively for Sari’s due to the time consuming and labour intensive production process.
No two pieces are the same, there will be differences in patterns and coloring of each piece and from the photos used, making them all truly one of a kind.
But that is why we love them, and I hope you do too...